Toxicity of Squirrel Urine & How to Remove the Odor

As you know, all animals and birds have their body germs, and their body contains infectious bacteria and viruses which are harmful to human beings. We cannot neglect the fact that both species animals and humans have their body structure, which is different from each other. Their body performs some different functions to each other according to their nature as some animals are harmful to human beings. Hence, their body wastage, such as urine and droppings or feces, is also detrimental and sometimes can be deadly for human beings.

The squirrel urine is toxic because it contains many contaminated bacteria and viruses inside the urine and feces. The urine and droppings consist of some following bacteria.

Leptospirosis: is a bacterium found in squirrel urine and feces and urine and can be transmuted to humans through contaminated food items or water. Its symptoms vary from mild, with flu-like symptoms to severe, resulting in serious respiratory problems damage the lungs, especially for asthma patients, and even this leads to death.

Salmonellosis: can be transferred to human beings through inhalation or by coming into contact with contaminated surfaces or consuming contaminated food or water. It is also present in the squirrel droppings, fatalities from salmonellosis are extremely rare. Some of the common symptoms include fever, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.

Ticks and fleas: It not strictly found in squirrel urine and droppings; these animals often bring in ticks and fleas, which quickly transfer to human and pet hosts. Ticks are especially hazardous since they can cause Lyme disease. The symptoms include stiffness, nerve pain, and inflammation of the spinal cord and brain.

Rabies: Rabies cannot be transmuted by coming into contact via squirrel urine or droppings but is still a considerable concern. Disease in squirrels is sporadic, so that getting bitten by a squirrel doesn't trigger rabies protocol in the emergency room.

Removal of odor

As everyone knows that every living body has their body smell. Human beings or animals both specie have a different scent. Different animals pose a distinct odor, either good or bad. Mostly have a lousy odor which is harmful to human beings and their respiration. The squirrels have their smell just like another animal. So, there are some ways to the removal of bad squirrel odor are as following:

Cleaning and disposing of the droppings

Clean the area of a squirrel living correctly; they live either in the attic or in the garden, lawn of your house. The squirrel may find out a hidden place to store food and smear that area causing uncleanliness and bad odor. So, remove the droppings and urine stains from home and dispose of them into the trash.

Do vacuum thoroughly    

After cleaning the area, do vacuum cleaning to get rid of the smell and the urine and feces stains, which causes the arrival of other animals to come into your house. Just vacuum the area and pat dry it. Wash the area with some best cleaners if it is irresistible. It may remove the smell.

Disinfecting the area

After doing the vacuum, then clean the area. Do proper insulation too because of the weaken insulation. The squirrel comes inside, starting to live and do urine and feces, which causes the smelly insulation too. It is better to use the disinfectant spray to get a bacteria-free area and removal of the bad odor.

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