Mouse Extermination


Mouse is a very tiny creature that is differentiated from rats because of their sizes. Every small creature is termed as a mouse no matter if the size varies. The mouse has big rounded ears, a very long tail and sharp teeth. They usually enter houses, gardens, backyards, and lawns from small entering points. They are very fast-moving species and cannot be trapped easily by any person. They create a lot of mess at home especially in the kitchen but are not harmful to life as their big cousin rat. But mouse can also cause destruction when they are in large numbers and difficult to handle. They hide themselves usually in stores and like to check in the kitchen for eating purposes. They like to 

Where do mice live?

Mice mostly live in forests but also homes. Homeowners think that having one or two mice won�t create problems for them but it is alarming that the mouse brings germs like bacteria, parasites and many other viruses. These germs are not good to be kept in homes and these diseases spread mostly form food items. They are harmful to life and most importantly for children. The most unexpected problem can be female mice that can give birth up to many mice at home. The mouse usually chews wires, pipe and other material inside the wall. 

Mouse Exterminator

Mouse exterminators mostly use poison to kill mice. The following are the precaution to be kept to get rid of the mouse.

  • The most common type is trapping. Trapping mice is difficult but it is effectively working if placed at the right place to get over the stinky small creature.
  • Don�t feed them with scraps. Always do the dishes after eating because they always roam around in search of food and when they find the leftovers in dishes they can�t control to check them. The leftovers should be properly kept in glass containers with their lid on. 
  • Stop feeding them with animal food. When the homeowner will feed the mice they will come again and again for food.
  • Eliminate the entering points through walls and covering all the open holes and also filling cracks in the walls.
  • The shelves, counters and the floor of the kitchen should be cleaned nicely to avoid the germs spread by mice.
  • Place a food item that consists of poison will be very productive in killing mice.
  • Bait traps for mice can be deadly but for human is also risky if not placed at the right place. Snap traps are also way too dangerous for human life so the homeowners are not advised to use snap traps.


Mice messes the whole kitchen area but cannot be as dangerous as rats. The mice in fewer numbers are not harmful to life, but in large numbers can create a very big problem for all the people living in the house. The trapping system is common but it is advised to use it properly otherwise it can create a problem for people also. The house should be free of mice so that no germ can enter through them.

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